Living on Saltwater Stencil Furniture Painting Course

Create High End Furniture

Whether you're looking to create a high-end piece for your own home, or high end pieces for your clients, this course will take the guess work out of creating a stencil look!

Learn from an Award Winning Furniture Artist

Caroline's Furniture pieces have won several awards.

The Stencil Buffet demonstrated in this course won the 2020 Cutting Edge Stencil Best Furniture Piece. 

Caroline was also a 2020 Ziba Golden Brush Award Winner for the Mid-Century Modern Category and was featured in Do-It-Yourself Magazine in January 2021

Look for Less

Create an Anthropologie inspired piece for a fraction of the cost. Similar pieces at Anthropologie sell for more than $1,000.

Learn the Basics

This course requires no furniture refinishing experience. I'll share all of my favorite products! You'll learn how to properly prepare your piece for paint, prime, paint, and Stencil!


I also include videos on installing new hardware and legs to add a custom look!

Choose a Pricing Option

Create High End Furniture

I purchased this dresser for $30. It was in excellent shape and the perfect candidate for a stencil design. I invested in a stencil, some paint, and new hardware and sold this piece for $925 + Shipping costs. You can create the same high-end pieces!